Not Just For People

•March 26, 2010 • Leave a Comment

I’ve recently started to bake dog treats for my puppy. My boyfriend showed me a recipe he found on the West Coast Choppers site (I know, not exactly where one would go looking for recipes). So, I decided if it was good enough for Cisco, then it’s good enough for my baby Brusier.

Check out the recipe linked above if you wanna give it a go. I must say, my dog absolutely loves them so I’ll definitely keep making them.


Happy St. Patty’s Day!

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In honor of this holiday, I decided to try out a recipe from Bakerella. I saw this recipe for Red Velevet Cake Balls on her site a while ago but never tried it out.  She recently made Green Velvet Cupcakes and Cake Balls, so I knew this would be perfect for this holiday!

This is the final product:

And here is a picture of the inside:


Elvis Cupcakes

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I figured I should probably post something that had to do with baking, since this is supposed to be a baking blog and all.

I found this recipe for Elvis Cupcakes about a year ago on one of the blogs I frequent.  She made these cupcakes for a friends’ birthday and I could not wait to try them out!  Banana Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Buttercream Frosting and…BACON Sprinkles!!  I pretty much love bacon, so it seemed like the perfect recipe. Check out the recipe on her blog if you would like to try to make them!

I hadn’t originally planned on making a blog when I made these cupcakes, so I do not have pictures of the process, just the final product. They don’t look as good as hers, but they definitely were delicious and easy to make.

An Introduction, I guess…

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Well, I guess this is the part where I tell you who I am and what this blog is for. So, here it goes…

My name is Ashley and I LOVE baking. I know I am not the first to put a blog on the internet about what I bake..but, I have been inspired by a few blogs I read to share my experiences as well. Hopefully this blog will be filled with great recipes, helpful tips and other related (and sometimes not, I’m sure) things that I find interesting. So, read it…or don’t. Either way, it’s here now and if you have any interest in sticking around, I’d love to hear your comments!